Prestige Credit Insurance



“We strive to obtain the best tailored product at the best prices to meet our CLIENT’S NEEDS”

  • The company commenced in 1998.
  • We have combined staff experience within Credit Insurance of over 80 years.
  • We enjoy specialised broker status with all local and international Credit Insurers.
  • We are a member of the FIA (Financial Intermediary Association of SA).
  • We are a licensed Financial Service Provider – FSP: 14057
  • Compliance with South African Law.
  • We are a member of Credea:
  • Credea offers a true international perspective to your trade credit requirements.  The association boasts over 1,500 clients worldwide accounting for over 75 billion Euros in credit insured global sales serviced by 20 strategically located offices.




* conduct needs analysis and recommend the appropriate product solutions for your business needs, whether it be; 

  • Traditional Credit Insurance, 
  • Risk Management Systems, 
  • Risk Finance Solutions (self-insurance funds), as well as 
  • Bonds & Guarantees.

* negotiate policy structure and pricing on behalf of our clients and prospects.

* conduct ongoing market exercises to ensure that pricing is competitive, and market related on our clients’ credit insurance policies.

* regularly communicate and provide feedback to all stakeholders.

* have regular meetings with clients and insurers to ensure the effective management of their credit insurance policy.

monitor collection performance, claims payment and recoveries at insurer level.

* training on Credit Insurance Policies to your Debtors and Finance Departments.

* training on Credit Insurance Policies to your Sales Team to assist in their understanding and workings of the credit insurance contract.

* work actively to enhance the relationship between the Credit Insurer and yourselves.