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The credit insurance service offered by Prestige Credit is only for business to business insurance of debtor’s books. Unfortunately insuring Personal / Consumer debts or Financial Loans cannot be accommodated.

    Prestige Credit does not provide Personal Loans or Business Loans. We provide credit insurance covering non-payment of business-to-business transactions.

    Since 1998, Prestige Credit Insurance Consultants (Pty) Ltd has been active in the Trade Credit Insurance field, providing our clients with tailored credit insurance products to best suit their needs. We have specialised broker agreements with the following credit insurers: 

    Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Ltd – FSP 17691 – Operating since 1958, Part of Old Mutual PLC Group, BBBEE Level 2, AA+ global credit rating, member of ICISA, Global partner: Atradius.

    The Hollard Insurance Company Limited– FSP 17698 – Operating since 2016, BBBEE Level 3, AA global credit rating. Focusing on buyer specific risk. Willing to underwrite in all except sanctioned countries.

    Coface South Africa Insurance Company Ltd – FSP 44160 – Operating in South Africa since 1989, with an active presence in over 66 countries, BBBEE Level 4, AA+ global credit rating.

    Euler Hermes Services South Africa Pty Ltd – FSP 16722 – Operating in South Africa since 2015, South African office is the expansion base for other African countries, underwritten by Allianz, AA global credit rating.

    Lombard Insurance Company Ltd – FSP 1596 – Operating since 1990, Specialist in Construction and Mining, A+ global credit rating.

    With our extensive experience and involvement in this industry, we identified the need in providing clients with a holistic Credit Risk Management Solution. As a result, Debtcol Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Prestige Advantage (Pty) Ltd was born. 

    Trade Credit Insurance Provider

    Guaranteed customer proximity

    These companies were started with the idea of providing our clients with a complete package: From ensuring that all paperwork is in order; the debtors’ book is insured; and you have a qualified partner to collect your commercial delinquent debts.

    Compiling Risk Management Reports to identify the following:

    Our Mission

    “We strive to obtain the best tailored product at the best prices to meet our CLIENT’S NEEDS”
    • The company commenced business in 1998.
    • We have combined staff experience within Credit Insurance of over 80 years.
    • We enjoy specialised broker status with all local and international Credit Insurers.
    • We are a member of the FIA (Financial Intermediary Association of SA).
    • We are a licensed Financial Service Provider – FSP: 14057
    • We are in Compliance with South African Law.
    • We are a member of Credea:
    • Credea offers a true international perspective to your trade credit requirements.  The association boasts over 1,500 clients worldwide accounting for over 75 billion Euros in credit insured global sales, and serviced by 20 strategically located offices.
    Why does your company require Credit Insurance?
    • Few companies can function without extending credit.
    • Poor credit decisions can severely damage cash flow and your profitability.
    • When you sell goods on credit you are effectively entrusting part of your wealth to someone else.
    • With your input, we will design the best policy for your specific needs.

    Credit Insurance provides you with protection against non-payment and insolvency of domestic and export debtors. Insure your debtors today with a credit insurance policy and have peace of mind that should a bad debt occur, it won’t cripple your cash flow.

    Benefits of Credit Insurance

    “Few companies can function without extending credit. Poor credit decisions can severely damage cash flow and your profitability. When you sell goods on credit you are effectively entrusting part of your wealth to someone else.”

    • Protection against BAD DEBT.
    • ASSISTING your business TO GROW, even in tough times.
    • Allow you to identify the GOOD and bad CREDIT prospects.
    • Your debtors are credit VETTED by SPECIALISTS.
    • MONITORING your customers on an ongoing basis.
    • Gives you the CONFIDENCE to explore new opportunities you would normally avoid for fear of non-payment.
    • COST SAVINGS in the investigation of your debtors, as this will now be done by the insurer.
    • SECURE your working capital and cash flow by replacing cash promptly, should any customer’s insolvency or payment default occur.
    • The policy can be CEDED to financial institutions as security.
    • Sharing of LEGAL fees.

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