Since 1998, Prestige Credit Insurance Consultants (Pty) Ltd has been active in the Credit Insurance field, providing our clients with tailored credit insurance products to best suit their needs.

With our extensive experience and involvement in this industry, we identified the need in providing clients with a holistic Credit Risk Management Solution. As a result, Debtcol Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Prestige Advantage (Pty) Ltd was born. 

These companies were started with the idea of providing our clients with a complete package from making sure that your paperwork is in order, your debtors book is insured and that you have a partner who will collect your commercial delinquent debts.



* We assist in expediting and resolving queries with the various service providers. 

* We support clients with the administrative requirements of the online systems.

* We investigate market rumours to refute or confirm them.

* Update on Market Trends & Product Development based on local as well as international market trends.

* Create synergy in operating processes within Group Companies for piece of mind at head office level.

* Compiling Risk Management Reports to identify the following:

  • Under Insured Buyers
  • Uninsured buyers
  • Monitoring Insured % (Cover vs Trade)
  • Overdue Buyers and identification of potential claims