Western Cape Exporters Bear The Brunt Of Port Disruptions

30 August 2021 – Exporters in the Western Cape are bearing the brunt of the after effects of the cyberattack on Transnet and the industry disruption caused by looting and rioting in KZN last month. This is according to Terry Gale, chairman of the Exporters’ Club Western Cape.

“There is a growing demand globally for our products, however they are now faced with the challenge of space as vessels are overcommitted by the time they reach the Port of Cape Town, which is the last port of call on two of our most important trade lanes,” Gale said.

And although the port is returning to a normal working pattern, excluding weather-related delays, Western Cape products cannot move due to space limitations, he added. “On the USA berth, for example, the next available booking is early October.

“How do we explain that to our clients? They were used to a guaranteed weekly, direct service from the Western Cape to New York/Newark.”

He said the situation had become untenable. “In view of the parlous state of the South African economy, we need to ensure every export container is shipped – now. Tomorrow may be too late.” Source (Freight News)